Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When Navy Met White. . . . .

I hope everyone enjoyed the break!!! It seems to me that J.Crew is now promoting the “nautical” look this month. They are combing pieces from all areas to create cute and sassy looks. You can put together a nice outfit with all the cloths and styles that they have to offer. Blue and white go great together and combining these too you can get the perfect look. The refined canvas Fiona jacket I feel is the “it” piece that can go with everything and you would definitely get your money’s worth!! This jacket is selling at $168.00. It’s a midweight cotton with soft ruffles. Also, the cotton argyle hoddie is great to have. You can dress this up or down and it’s light and comfortable.
Over break, I decided to do some shopping for my upcoming trip to Jamaica and of course my first choice is to go right to crew. The feeling when you walk into the store just makes you want to have everything. With the brightly colored walls and all the outfits on the mannequins you just fall in love with everything. What I also noticed is that all the sales employees really take their time and help you with what you are looking for. They will suggest what looks good with certain things and whenever leaving the store you always feel happy.

Happy Shopping!!!!