Thursday, February 28, 2008

Business Advantages Article

"Wells Fargo offers online foreign exchange service to small business"

As more businesses are expanding they are starting to rely in the internet more and more to help them become better companies. In an article from the Business Journal entitled, “Wells Fargo offers online foreign exchange services to small business”, discusses how it’s extending its foreign exchange online services. "Small businesses are increasingly doing business with overseas partners," said Gregg Napoli. By having this exchange, businesses online it opens up the doors for the company and allows them to conduct business faster and convenient for their clients. The service that they have set up now allows businesses to send and receive foreign currency wires in more than 90 countries over the internet at anytime of the day. "Customers can execute real-time foreign exchange transactions at their desk, eliminating phone calls or trips to the bank," said Adam Vancini, a senior vice president in the Wells Fargo Internet services group.
This article is one of many examples that this is an advantage of doing business online. These days people don’t want to be bothered by taking trips to the bank or making unnecessary phone calls. Most people are on the computer anyway so being able to have things like this online it makes it much easier for people to do. I would assume most people would prefer this, its saving a lot of time.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Are you ready for Spring Break??

Spring Break

As we all know spring break is just around the corner and most college students go away to a nice tropical place. J.Crew has a variety of clothing to help anyone with there spring break outfits. They have a ton of bathing suits and cover-ups for all shapes and sizes. Sun dresses for going out seem to be very “in” this spring and J.Crew has such cute things that any girl would want to have. Also, if you want to dress things up a bit they have dresses that are fancy yet classy. With all of the different styles to choose from they also have bright colors you can also pick.

I know when I go away for break I always like to pack outfits, so I know what I will be wearing. J.Crew can make this nice and easy for you to do. While browsing on the site they can help you choose the perfect outfit for any occasion. If you click on a shirt, on the bottom of that page they have suggested items that would match what you are looking at. I know I always like to see what they choose and this can help you when shopping.

J.Crew has a lot of cute spring things out right now and it would be perfect for anyone who plans on going on vacation anytime soon. Hope you check it out to see what they have.

Enjoy!!! =)

Business Advantages of Going Online

Business Advantages of Going Online

For our group presentation we conducted a class discussion on business advantages of going online. Over the years many companies have relied on the internet to conduct business. One advantage of this is speed. By having things done online compared to the office things can be done a lot easier and faster. You can save a lot of time.

After reading, “Internet promising for businesses with niche or better widget”, it is safe to say that the technology that we have today and using the internet for business purposes is only expanding and becoming something every company is going to eventually do. The internet business called HometownQuotes is serving millions of customers without ever meeting them. Convenient it the best way to describe this. The internet business has just been expanding rapidly and is even doing business overseas. This company is now the third largest in its field and has been very successful. This is satisfying customer satisfaction and it is being done at an impressive speed. Most online companies can carry out their processes very fast. Speed is important, people don’t like to wait around for things to be completed, and they also want their customers to be happy.

As you can see many advantages come from using the internet.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Everyone needs a little black dress..

The Little Black Dress shop

J.Crew has its own category for all of the little black dresses that they offer. If you have a cocktail party, wedding, birthday party or any kind of party, J.Crew has a little black dress for everyone. They have a variety of different styles to choose from so no matter what your body type and your style, J.Crew will have the perfect dress for you.

Most of the dresses that are shown in this category are in the catalog or only. If you want to save money J.Crew allows anyone to come right into the local J.crew in there neighborhood and you can order anything you want right in the store!! By doing this you won’t be responsible for the shipping and handling, which can save you a lot of money.

It will never
Stand you up

It will never
Let you down

It will always
Make you look good

It’s the perfect date
For any occasion

We all know that no matter what event you have coming up you can never go wrong with a little black dress. So the next time you get an invitation in the mail and are looking for that perfect outfit go to to find it!!!

Good luck shopping!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting Married?

Weddings & Parties

If you are planning a wedding, J.Crew can offer a
wedding specialist to help you with all your wants and needs. They have dedicated wedding specialist to help with all the planning. J.Crew makes it very convenient, all you have to do is call or email them and you will be pared with someone.

Some on the things she can do for you:

Keeping track of the entire wedding party

She'll keep all of your wedding information on file: details about bridesmaids and groomsmen, item numbers of dresses and suits they're interested in, contact information for the bride, the location of the wedding and so much more.

She'll call two weeks before the wedding to make sure you and your party have your dresses, suits, shoes and accessories. She'll help you with gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, attire for the rehearsal dinner, a wardrobe for the honeymoon—everything.

If you or anyone in your party have any questions about a particular item, any one of J.Crew wedding specialists, can help. They can:

*Recommend the best foundation garments for a particular dress.
*Give you specific information about different styles to help you decide which one is best for you.
*Help you find the right size and the best fit.
*Help you with petite, tall or any other extended size.
*Tell you how much time to allow for alterations and how to locate a professional tailor.
*Send you swatches upon availability.
*Tell you how to care for your dress.
*Suggest a few thoughtful gifts for your wedding party.
*Try to locate an item you need right away even if it's out of stock.
*Let you know when new shipments are expected.
*Tell you about the colors we'll have in upcoming seasons

As you can see J.Crew can make planning a wedding easy and fun!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

J.Crew Rewards

J.Crew Rewards

J.Crew is now introducing rewards when you use the J.Crew card. For every $500 you spend you will receive $25.00.
When you apply you will also enjoy:
10% off any purchase the first day you use your card in store, by phone and online
Exclusive access to limited-edition merchandise, front of the line priority on the phone orders and early notice of the sale events when you reach a preferred status.
Complimentary in store standard alterations on all full priced J.Crew credit card purchases made at or in stores.

This allows customers to save money while shopping with J.Crew. You receive additional privileges when you sign up.

Looking on the right side of the page, you will see my picks for this weeks looks. These are all new arrivals on the site for the spring collection. This spring we are seeing a lot of bright colors. All the looks we are seeing right now are classy and traditional. All the outfits that you see come in a variety of sizes and colors too so it gives the clients more options when shopping.

Here's a look at the styles for J.Crew.