Thursday, February 28, 2008

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"Wells Fargo offers online foreign exchange service to small business"

As more businesses are expanding they are starting to rely in the internet more and more to help them become better companies. In an article from the Business Journal entitled, “Wells Fargo offers online foreign exchange services to small business”, discusses how it’s extending its foreign exchange online services. "Small businesses are increasingly doing business with overseas partners," said Gregg Napoli. By having this exchange, businesses online it opens up the doors for the company and allows them to conduct business faster and convenient for their clients. The service that they have set up now allows businesses to send and receive foreign currency wires in more than 90 countries over the internet at anytime of the day. "Customers can execute real-time foreign exchange transactions at their desk, eliminating phone calls or trips to the bank," said Adam Vancini, a senior vice president in the Wells Fargo Internet services group.
This article is one of many examples that this is an advantage of doing business online. These days people don’t want to be bothered by taking trips to the bank or making unnecessary phone calls. Most people are on the computer anyway so being able to have things like this online it makes it much easier for people to do. I would assume most people would prefer this, its saving a lot of time.

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