Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Business Advantages of Going Online

Business Advantages of Going Online

For our group presentation we conducted a class discussion on business advantages of going online. Over the years many companies have relied on the internet to conduct business. One advantage of this is speed. By having things done online compared to the office things can be done a lot easier and faster. You can save a lot of time.

After reading, “Internet promising for businesses with niche or better widget”, it is safe to say that the technology that we have today and using the internet for business purposes is only expanding and becoming something every company is going to eventually do. The internet business called HometownQuotes is serving millions of customers without ever meeting them. Convenient it the best way to describe this. The internet business has just been expanding rapidly and is even doing business overseas. This company is now the third largest in its field and has been very successful. This is satisfying customer satisfaction and it is being done at an impressive speed. Most online companies can carry out their processes very fast. Speed is important, people don’t like to wait around for things to be completed, and they also want their customers to be happy.

As you can see many advantages come from using the internet.
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