Wednesday, April 16, 2008


What’s your favorite piece of Jewelry?

When putting together a fabulous outfit, what is the last thing a girl needs? Jewelry would definitely be most people answers. J.Crew has been working on there line very hard and has been expanding it every season. It seems to do very well. They offer necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. In addition to all of that they also have a special line called the Fine Jewelry Collection where they have there higher priced items in that area, including exquisite peals. With such a colorful spring and summer line the jewelry pieces that they have created go perfectly with the jewels they have. One of my favorite necklaces is the Bubble necklace. Its 18K gold plated brass with hand set enamel stones and beads and has a lobster clasp. All items are made with the best quality materials and some are even hand painted!!
You can see all of the items right on the J.Crew site and the stores carry a variety of them as well. You are able to try them on and see what they look like. Just click here site and you can check it out.

Also for my marketing class we are still talking about the word we created as a class. It’s VQUZESHUF…..try and Google it and see what comes up.

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k.finn said...

I love that necklace in the photo. J.Crew always has awesome stuff for summer - its all classic but still contemporary. I think they are one of the few retail ventures that have pretty much stayed true to their style over the years.