Monday, April 28, 2008

Let's see what John has to say

.After looking at some of the blog posts on John’s Blog I wanted to talk about his latest one. So what do people really think about Brand advertising? A quote that he has posted on his blog I also wanted to share on mine.

"Google's making a public statement that the only value of a banner is when it's clicked upon, and it flies in the face of all the research done in the last five years that demonstrates the impact a banner can have on brand awareness and purchase intent," said Dave Moore, CEO of 24/7 Real Media, a New York-based company that sells advertising for 800 sites worldwide.

We are surrounded by so many different types of brands on a daily basis we sometimes don’t even realize it. Our society today is so concerned with the brands that are out there. We always want to see labels and signature trade makes on products. This has a serious effect on people and to some it is a major reason to buy a certain type of product. If I was in advertising I would want to look into brand advertising to try and help me out. Google can play a major role in this whole process. I will be interesting to see how this will work years down the road.

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