Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Special Events

Being a senior in college we all have a lot of important events coming up. Many of them are casual but we also have some that require us to dress a little more sophisticated. We have a commencement ball dance that is approaching and all the girls are looking for the right look. I have heard some people talking about getting a long gown, while others want to keep it simple and elegant and go with a shorter look. As I have been shopping for this occasion I have gone to many stores. Of course we all know which store I had to look at, J.Crew. When I started to look I went on the website and I went straight to the Weddings & Parties section. I knew this is where they displayed their fancier attire.
They have a very large collection this spring for weddings and parties. As I was browsing through I came across this breathtaking dress. It’s called Cotton Cady Strapless Claudine dress. It is priced at $260.00. It has a straight neckline and it is fitted in the middle then full on the bottom. You can view this dress is a variety of different colors. This item is also only available on the site or catalog, along with most of their other dresses. The stores don’t have many dresses that they are selling so if you are looking for a dress remembers to get on to the site.
Also, not only can you look for a commencement ball dress here, you can also look for a graduation sun dress, and also a dress for the family dinner dance sacred heart is hosting. It is hard to believe that we are all graduating pretty soon in this marketing class so I thought it would be appropriate to help all the girls out but filling them in on all that J.Crew has to offer.
Once agian we are still working on the word we created....vquzeshuf

Good luck everyone!

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Dan said...

Yes, a lot of the events coming up require us to dress nicely. J Crew has a wide variety of different clothing to suit different needs.