Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Second posting of Business Articles

Business Advantages of going online
Reducing Costs

“Security systems go online”

More and more we are seeing businesses taking it to the next level and deciding to put their businesses online. If you have a business and you are not on the web this can hurt you tremendously. By having access to things online it can dramatically change the way your business is being done. In an article that I found entitled “Security systems go online”, its talks about how they took it to the next level and are putting themselves online. “The purpose of security and monitoring systems, says Darryl Roy, vice president of Charlotte-based CRS Building Automation Systems Inc., is to "make it difficult for people to commit a crime, and if they do, to increase the chances of their being caught.” The latest that this company has come up with is achieving there goal and also for less amount of money. Using technology you can attain things faster, easier, and cheaper. This is a very good incentive for people who are looking to do this with there business.

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